Piano Tuning

Need a piano tuned? I can help with that. There’s nothing like the sound of a tuned piano, and finding those services seems to be getting harder. Local areas only.

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Welcome to our site!

Usually when we see friends we get a lot of questions about what we’ve been up to lately (you know…normal social interaction). Thanks to the pharmacy world, we usually have to cram a lot of fun into a short period of time. Like, my life revolves around my 3 day weekends and what we’re gonna do when we get to those weekends. Fun for us can be another home project, travel, or just hanging with friends. Its the travel and the projects that I like to document. Lately, we’ve been getting more questions about some of the projects we’ve done (especially the automation projects) and the places we go when we travel. So…we created this site as a place for our family to dump any of our musings, experiences, etc.

Lately you can’t turn on the news or social media without being overwhelmed by negativity and fear-mongering; I wanted a place free of the nonsense that we could develop with our interests, not what some corporate tech giant wanted us to be interested in. Plus, you can’t express yourself freely on social media any more. That is, unless you want the censorship Nazi’s to come after you. Yeah, I said that. The only rules I have here are that there can’t be any direct targeting, no foul language, and nothing that is obviously offensive. Feel free to browse. Feel free to comment. Above all, stay positive.

Inspiration4 Launch

Only because my wife and I really enjoy watching launches…here’s the most recent SpaceX Inspiration4 launch. https://youtu.be/3pv01sSq44w For those that don’t follow SpaceX or the current news with regards to how the US is handling space flight, this launch is important because it is the first 100% civilian crew. …
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Cut the cable

I hate subscriptions and contracts.  I really hate contracts that seem to reward new customers while leaving the old customers behind.  We’ve used several major satellite and cable TV providers over the years, and frankly it got tiresome to have to call every six months to renegotiate the bill.  Why …
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Unifi OS VPN Setup

Something handy: the ability to access local network devices, files, and folders. From anywhere without using a cloud service like OneDrive or Google. That’s where a VPN (or Virtual Private Network) comes in. We’ll go through the Unifi OS VPN setup in this post. That being said, …
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Custom DNS

Do you ever want to be able to type something simple, like router.themays.me in the address bar and get sent straight to the router admin page? Its much easier to remember a simple web address than several IP addresses. In the case of our home network, I’ve got …
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Goodbye, old friend

Goodbye’s are never easy, but it is easier knowing we’ll see you again. Edwin was the best-tempered, most fun cocker spaniel I’ve ever met, and I’m even more happy to have called him my own. From beach trips, to playing in the pool, to playing with our kids, …
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