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Why you need NAS

Guess I’ll start with a definition for what, exactly, NAS means. For those not particularly tech-savvy, networked-attached storage, or NAS, is a way to have...

Managing all those Pis

Odd problem to have, but it is a problem I’ve got. I have 4 Raspberry Pis and 1 mini PC. All run some version of...

Getting it Together

Been a little bit since I’ve had a pharmacy rant, but it’s time for some more education. Over the last few months I’ve seen, heard,...

Senior Highlights (J. Musser)

Justice Musser, 2021-2022 Senior Year.

That Magical Time of Year

It’s getting to be that time of year… How will you remember 2021?

Building your Smart Home

Most of the posts I’ve put up on building your smart home, up to now, have been pretty specifically tailored to my setup. A full-on...

The Magic of Disney

Disney is an experience. You can’t not go to Disney. Once you go…you’ll understand the magic of Disney. Granted, it will also be one of...

Inspiration4 Launch

Only because my wife and I really enjoy watching launches…here’s the most recent SpaceX Inspiration4 launch. For those that don’t follow SpaceX or the current...

Cut the cable

I hate subscriptions and contracts.  I really hate contracts that seem to reward new customers while leaving the old customers behind.  We’ve used several major...
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