Uno with a twist

Taking the game of Uno you know (and hopefully like), and making it playable anywhere, a little vicious, and a lot of fun.

4+ players
Teams allowed
30+ minutes
people playing cards


Materials needed

You can play this version with any 4 decks of regular cards. The decks can all be different, or they can all be the same, but importantly each deck must include the 2 Jokers that came with the deck. Depending on the number players you can add more decks. There is actually no limit to the number of people that can play, you’re only limited by the number of cards you’ve got.

Teams or solo

The game can be played either in teams or individual players. You can divide the teams as you see fit, and depending on the total number of players you can have teams of 2, 3, 4, etc. Teams determine how certain cards behave in-play, as well as have an effect on scoring. Otherwise, gameplay remains the same.


Shuffle all the decks together. Going clockwise, starting with the person to the left of the dealer, deal each person 7 cards face down. Once finished, place the remaining cards in the center of the table and flip the top card face up to start the game. Gameplay begins with the person to the left of the dealer.


To play, you must play a card that is:

  • The same suit as the top card on the center pile
  • The same number or face card of the top card on the center pile
  • A wild card (Jacks or Jokers)

For example, if the card on top of the center pile is a 6 of clubs, the current player can play any club, a 6 of any suit, or a wild card. If the player cannot play any card, he/she must draw 1 card from the deck.

Rule change

In the “normal” Uno, players that cannot play continue drawing cards until they draw a playable card and then they play that card to the pile. In this version, players only draw 1 card and place that card into their hand and then the round progresses to the next player.

Gameplay progresses until a player is down to one card. Once playing the second to last card in their hand, that player must declare “Uno”. Failure to declare Uno (and it gets called out) will result in that player drawing an additional card from the deck into their hand. The winner of the round plays all cards in their hand.

Card Actions

Certain cards perform special actions. Note that most cards must be played in-suit (or on another card of the same number) and are not wild.

AceReverse playReverse PlayY
DeuceNext player draws 2Next player draws 2Y
SevenSkip next playerSkip to next team memberY
JacksChange suitChange suitN
JokersNext player draws 5Next player draws 5N

Jacks and Jokers are the only wild cards. Also note that deuces and jokers are stackable, meaning that as long as a player has a deuce or a joker in their hand it can be played, and the draw total continues to go up until a player cannot play.

Rule change

In normal “Uno” a player that plays a draw 4 card can also call the suit; this is not the case in this game. When a joker is played, the round resumes on the card under the joker. For example, if Player A places a 3 of spades, player B places a joker, then player C draws 5 cards, and player D must either play a spade or a 3 of any suit (because a 3 of spades was the last playable card). In other words, jokers are literally only present to inflict pain. Sometimes a lot of pain.

Scoring and game end

The game progresses until a predetermined score is achieved by a player or a team (i.e. the losing score). In smaller games of 4-6 players, a score of 500-750 is reasonable and usually results in a game of about 45 minutes or so. For larger games with 6-10 or more players, a score of 1000 or more is reasonable.

Scoring should also be based on team or individual play. Team scores are added for the entire team, so games with a large number of players can quickly hit 500 or more points in a just a few rounds.

To score the round, the player (or team) that won the round is scored “0”. The remaining players add up their cards; teams add the cards of each of their individual players up to get the total team score for the round.


Rule Note

Did you catch that? As a team you win or lose. Doesn’t matter if one team member has 15 cards in their hand at the end of the round, if any team member goes out, the team wins the round with 0!

The finer points

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