All videos, documentation, and collaboration will be hosted at, specifically using the Synology Drive application. Once enrolled in a program, you will be given access to the Synology Drive, Synology Chat, and Synology Calendar applications based on the program. Synology Drive and Synology Chat both have mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Any recordings, videos, or documents specific to you will be added to your Synology Drive folder and can be downloaded from there.

Initial Log-in

After approval of your account for, you will receive account information for Synology. Your account username for all Synology apps and your username for will be the same. The email will also contain your initial password; this password must be changed at initial log-in.

Follow the link in the email, or go to to sign in.

Synology drive log in

Passwords must be at least 8 characters, contain a special character, a number, and a symbol.

You will be asked to kill the connection on password change

Kill connection

Go ahead and click “End Connection” to be brought back to the initial log-in page and use your new password to log in.

Application Tour

Synology Drive

Synology Drive is similar to Google Drive in that you can create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. These documents can be shared with other existing Synology users and edited in real-time. The advantage to Google Drive is that you will only be collaborating with other users with website access.

You will have full read/write access and 5GB storage in your Drive. You will not be able to share links externally. Additionally, depending on your package, you will have access to a team folder. Your team folder contains all documents and videos related to your program. These are not shareable outside of Synology, and you have read-only access to these folders.

Additionally, you will be able to access Synology Drive via a mobile app. On either iOS or Android, open the app store and search for “Synology Drive”. Once installed, use the following to connect:


Username: your username

Password: your password

If you have 2-factor authentication enabled (see below) you will be prompted for your OTP.

File Editing

You can read and view files and media on the mobile apps but you cannot create or edit new documents. To create and edit documents you must use a full browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.).

Synology Chat

Also available in Synology Drive is the Chat app. You will also notice the Chat icon in documents that you create. You can access all the apps from the top left menu.

Synology Chat is the private and public messaging app we’ll use. In it you can participate in and create public channels and create private channels only between you and other members. Like Synology Drive, Synology Chat has a mobile app, as well as a desktop client. Channels will be monitored by site admins and if needed will be closed. Treat this like a forum and be respectful of others and their opinions.

To use the mobile app:


Username: your username

Password: your password

Creating Channels

To create a new channel (public or private), in the chat app hit the “+” symbol above your channel list. In the chat app on mobile, hit the hamburger menu (the 3 horizontal lines in the corner) to open the channel list and tap the “+” symbol.480

Tap the “Create” button. Select the type of channel (Public or Private), name the channel, add a purpose (optional), and add members.

To find a member either select their username from the drop-down or start typing to search.

Keep it civil

Feeds will be monitored by site admin. While private messages between you and other members are private from the group, channels will be regularly audited by site admin to discourage non-productive discussion. Treat the chat like you would a public forum with associated forum rules. Negative criticism of other members will not be tolerated.

Synology DSM

Synology Disk Station Manager will be used if you want to set up 2-factor authentication. This is strongly encouraged. To set up 2FA, go to Also, in your app store on your mobile device download the Synology Secure Sign-in App.

In the DSM desktop, select the account icon in the upper right corner and click “Personal”. Scroll down in the window to the Sign-in Method section. Choose 2-Factor Authentication.

A new window will appear prompting you to start the 2FA process. If not already downloaded, use the QR code to download the Secure Sign-in app. Follow the prompts to complete the set-up process.

You will use the same location to change your password if needed. From here you can also add e-mail accounts to share calendar invites.