All videos, documentation, and collaboration will be hosted at, specifically using the Synology Drive application.  You’ll have access to a shared folder with resources and journals, a home folder with Google Drive functionality, a calendar, and a chat app.  You’ll be able to access your documents and chats through iOS and Android apps.

Initial Log In

Step 1 – Email Information

You will receive 2 emails. One email will be from a site admin and will come from [email protected]. It will contain instructions on how to sign in and basic information. The second email will also come from [email protected] and will have a subject line starting with []. This email will contain your username (usually the first part of your email address used for and initial password.  If you do not see either email, check your spam folder. If you still can’t find the emails, email [email protected] and a site admin will get back in touch.

Step 2 – Initial Sign In

On initial sign-in you will be prompted to change your password. This initial password was sent in the email with the subject line leading with []. Visit (no www) to set your new password. Please note that you can set your initial password either on a mobile or desktop device using the /drive address; attempting to set your password at is only allowed using a desktop browser. Your password must follow strong password requirements and contain a mix of letters and numbers, at least 1 uppercase character, and at least 1 special character. Passwords that contain your username are not allowed.

Synology Drive Login Page

After you set your new password you will be prompted to kill your connection. You can either hit “skip” or “kill connection”, after which you will be prompted to log in with your new password.

Step 3 – Download additional apps

Once you’ve signed in for the first time you will be able to download mobile apps. These include Synology Drive and Synology Chat. With the mobile app for Synology Drive you can view your journals and documents, audio recordings of 1:1 sessions, and view uploaded videos. Note that you cannot edit documents in the mobile app.  To create and edit documents you must use a full browser on a PC, Chromebook, or tablet. Likewise, Synology Chat functions like any other messaging app, but only allows chats between added users. Synology Chat may be utilized more in the future, so stay tuned. 

To sign-in to the mobile apps, you need to use the following:

  • Hostname: (or for the chat app)
  • Username: your user name
  • Password: the password you set after initial sign-in
  • HTTPS should be checked

Application Tour

This section will briefly introduce the different applications you have access to.  To access these apps, from any address (DSM, Drive, Calendar, or Chat) open the menu and select the app.

synology app menu

Synology Drive functions like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. You can create and edit documents, share those documents with internal users, and collaborate in real time. If using Synology Chat, you can chat with collaborators while working on documents in addition to uploading these documents directly to the chat.

Synology Drive Home

The home page is where your documents live and where you can create and edit existing documents. You can create basic word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  In addition, you can create documents from pre-formatted templates from Synology.  Your menu also includes a Team Folder.  Each user has access to this folder; you can view and download shared media from this folder, but you cannot create or add in this folder.

Note that you will be able to share and collaborate with internal LBD users; documents cannot be shared externally.  For members that receive 1:1 coaching or participate in group sessions, a folder will be created that will contain the audio recordings of the Zoom sessions and any webinars created.

Synology Chat is exactly that: a chat application for private messaging between only you and other users in the Life By Design group.

synology chat home

Initially, you will have several open channels. Channels are for conversations with groups of people. The general discussion host group-wide announcements, events, and bulletins. This channel will be where any group Zoom links or webinar links will be shared. The LBD channel is where any general LBD discussion can take place; note that it is a public channel, so anything in this channel is visible to anyone and everyone. You’ll also have a “random” channel; anything goes in here. 

In contrast, the conversation space is for a 1:1 conversation between you and another member. Of note, you can only have conversations between you and another invited user; you cannot have a conversation with someone not already in the LBD group. You will have your own space (My Space); you can load anything in this area and it is private to you.

Its easy enough to create a new channel or conversation. Simply hit the “+” button beside the type of discussion you want to create (channels for groups, conversations for 1:1).  If you are creating a group discussion, note that you must name it a single word (no spaces or special characters).

You can use either the desktop chat in the browser, or you can download the chat client for Mac or Windows. Additionally, you can download the mobile app (enter the credentials displayed in the initial login section). Messages that are not encrypted are visible only to you and site admins.  

If you need to change your password or set up 2FA, you will do so from Synology Diskstation Manager. Note that you must be using a desktop/laptop, Chromebook, or tablet to access DSM; DSM will not work on mobile devices

From Synology DSM, open your profile menu to edit your basic preferences, preferred email address, and 2FA access. You can also access your other apps from DSM.  When available, it is strongly recommended to set up 2FA on any website you use and to set a strong password.


I didn’t get the emails with my initial password

E-mail [email protected] to have a new password set and sent.  Make sure to check your spam folder and add to your domain whitelist.

Can I sign in with my mobile device initially?

Yes! To sign in for the first time with a mobile device, visit Do not try to sign in initially at, as Synology DSM is only meant to be used on a desktop PC or tablet with a full browser.  You will receive a warning if you try to sign in initially using a mobile device at