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Tech Links

Most of what I do with home automation I learned from asking questions, doing it myself, making mistakes, and learning the hard way.  Community forums are a great place to ask questions of like-minded people, many of whom are experts at what they do.

The most vibrant smart hub community out there.  They’ll readily answer questions, and if they don’t know, a Hubitat employee likely will jump in a help out too!

Another excellent resource for those getting a little more serious about their smart home automations.  

Synology’s official forum for their NAS products. 

Tech Links

Raspberry Pi Links

All things Raspberry Pi.  I’ve got 4 of them, and they for the most part run everything in this house, from the DNS server, to Node-RED, to a reverse proxy.

The official community site for Raspberry Pi.  

A great place to start learning the many uses of a Pi.  Some articles are not up to date, but you can get started with anything Pi here.


Life would be boring without music.  I doubt you’ll find anyone that would disagree.  Check out one of my favorite groups, see where I get my supplies, and follow the link if you need a piano tuned (yeah, I can do that too).

My favorite music group. Besides their music, they’ve got some great music videos.  They have a great way of blending new songs with traditional style.

Great piano supply store.  Shipping is fast, material is of excellent quality, and they’ve got great tutorials for the beginner looking to learn, although there are several books I’d also recommend.


We all like to travel and check out new places. It’s expensive, but our best purchase was our timeshare. With it we have been able to just get up and go when the fancy hits us and not worry about anything other than just getting there.

Our timeshare. If you couldn’t tell our favorite destination is Orlando. With almost 70 resorts across the US and 1000s of others accessible through RCI, its expensive but worth it.   Signing up for points?  Drop our names; we get a break on maintenance fees and you will for each buyer you can talk into it! 

Owned by family, featured on HGTV.  Located in the Gulf Shores area of the US, its another perfect vacation spot.

poker, playing, king

Game rules

Links to rules for various card games.

Uno with a slightly different twist.


(Coming soon).  A slightly different way to play Tripoli that makes it a little shorter but still the same fun.

A page of poker rules, etiquette, and lots of variations.

Helps determine the number of chips to dole out based on total players, chip values, and number of chips.

The Schleichers

The Schleicher spreadsheet. Siblings, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Need the password? Fill out this form with the subject “Family Spreadsheet Password”. Note that the form is automated; answering the validation questions will display the current password as well as send an email with the link to the spreadsheet and the current password; if unsuccessful, I’ll get a notice and will be in touch.

Mobile Devices: Once the password is entered this link may open Synology Drive depending on the OS (Android, iOS, etc.) and mobile device. Tap the 3 dots to the right and hit “Open in new tab” to edit.  If only a file is listed, tap the file to open the options for downloading and editing.