Resources for the pharmacy practice

Follow the links on this page for training guides, downloadable resources, and quick links to useful sites for the pharmacy practice.

PDF Health Record

Fillable Health Record

CDC Adult Immunization Assessment

CDC Vaccine Resources for Patients

Medline: Medication and health resources

PDF Glucose Log

Resources for the Patient

Downloadable blanks for health records and glucose logs, as well as links to patient-friendly sites to answer common questions.

Brown Glass Bottles on Brown Wooden Table

Resources for Vaccines at the Pharmacy

Follow the links below for vaccine training for technicians, CDC schedules, and downloadable resources

CDC adult immunization Schedule

Link to the adult immunization schedule (syndicated content provided by the CDC)

cdc vis statements

External link to published VIS statements

Quick eligibility guide

Download link for the quick eligibility guide

Consolidated schedule quick guide

Download link to the consolidated schedule guide

CDC adult vaccine assessment

Link to the interactive adult vaccine assessment (syndicated content provided by the CDC)

Global RPh

Online medical calculators and lab reference guide


Online drug reference

Virginia Board of Pharmacy

Virginia PMP

SAMSHA Database


Downloadable Forms

Resources for Pharmacy Practice

Links to external sites including drug reference libraries, legal and regulatory information, useful forms, and medical calculators

WAG Employees

Resources for Employees

The following are quick links for Walgreen’s employees that can be accessed from home.  Please note that your use of these links must follow all company policies and procedures; they are provided as is for convenience and you are responsible for appropriate use.

Direct link to the WBA Worldwide employee login.  Note that all other links are SSO from this link.

Access your schedule and PTO requests 

Link to paystub access and tax documents through People Central (must have 2FA already set up at work)

Access the benefits support center (health, dental, vision insurance; added benefits; etc.)

Fidelity 401k access.

Calendar of pharmacy engagement dates.