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Life Coaching

We identify a gap in where you are and where you want to be and give you the tools to get you there.  You learn the habits and behaviors to live your life by your design, not by the design of people around you.

Business Training

Starting your own side hustle?  Or maybe want more than a side hustle?  We’ll help get you going with the basics and some habits to get started with, including help on web presence, social media outreach, and mailing campaigns.

Fitness Training

As a certified NASM trainer I can also provide one on one and group fitness classes.  We focus on whole-body training, including nutrition.

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Pharmacist, life coach, nutrition coach, fitness coach


About me

When not at the pharmacy Brittany literally runs this place, plus about 500 other things. Her passion is helping people achieve their goals, and she has built on her pharmacy degree to help people grow in all areas of life, not just physical growth.

Outside of pharmacy and her coaching business, she likes traveling, reading books, and working in her gardens. Pretty sure one day I’ll come home to a note that she’s moved to a secluded beach somewhere.

Jobs and interests
  • Pharmacist since 2011
  • Certified Life PUSH Coach
  • NASM-certified personal trainer

Pharmacist, beach bum, beer lover, fixer


About me

I’m the techy guy in the relationship. I like my gadgets and I like my beer. Craft beer, specifically. If you’re handing me a generic domestic beer, we must be cooking bratwurst, because I have no other use for it.

I’m a pharmacist for my day job, graduating from VCU in 2011. Outside of that, I like gaming, traveling, and playing the piano when not tinkering with some new gadget or working on a home project.

Jobs and interests
  • Pharmacist since 2011
  • Amateur IT guy
  • Piano tuner, player

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