Are you ready to bloom ?

Join us for 6 weeks of learning as we take your dream life from a small seed to a flower in bloom. You’ll get a short prep and then 6 weeks of focus on mind, spirit, and body to grow into  your best life!

What will we do?

The program is split into 6 weeks of mindset focusing and physical conditioning. Each week will kick off with a Zoom call to get you set for that week’s topic and focus. Members that go all-in can purchase all 6 weeks up front  as well as get a 50% discount on Chris Downing’s Over The Edge workouts! We’re going to focus on  all of you! Mind, Spirit, and Body! Take a look at what each week will focus on:

You’re gonna have to get ready. There is a difference between surviving life and thriving in life. This is  your winter into spring; just as we prepare our gardens for spring and the coming bloom, you have to prepare yourself for change.

Discover your Blueprint

Let’s figure out your formula for success. We’ve got to figure out how you will grow best, and how to get there.

What kind of flower are you?

We need to find out exactly  how you got where you are. You are your past, and it has led you to this point in your life. Understanding the how is part of growing and learning to thrive. How do we take care of a plant that isn’t thriving? We don’t ignore it. We try to understand the why behind it, and come up with a plan to fix it.


Grow Right  In Time. We’ve got the why. Now we learn to respond to the unexpected, and learn how to grow in the right way at the right time.  

Plant the Seed

It’s time to reinvent and reverse engineer you . You’ve prepared yourself, you’ve got your toolkit. Let’s start growing.


Become the new you  by stepping into your new life, realizing knowledge is power and your potential can only grow from here.


Give yourself permission to flourish.

Here’s what I am giving you

Here’s my promises to you. You are not expected to do this solo, and you can’t do this without the resources to thrive.

leafless trees on green grass field during daytime
In the hot seat

Get hot seat coaching on every call to have your questions answered so that we can dig deeper into your  specific struggles and get you the answers you need.

A Blueprint to flourish

My exact blueprint and how to customize it to your specific life and dreams even if you work full time and juggle all of life solo.

mental focus

Learn mindset tactics to reject the all or nothing mentality so you can champion your  role as a wife/mom without feeling guilty about self-care.

Group support

You’ll be in a supportive community with like-minded women working towards big dreams in an environment that will inspire you to show up and step into your potential.

mindset control

Monitor your mindset to eliminate the feelings of being overwhelmed and self-sabotage so you never have to say “I’ll get on track tomorrow” again.

Are you ready to bloom ?

Join me to find out more!