The Flourish Project.  Unlocking your potential.

We all have that untapped potential. Join me as we learn to access that potential to flourish. Just as a lily must have water, food, and light to survive and thrive, so too do we have basic needs. Plant a lily in sand, it won’t grow strong roots and will not thrive. Plant that lily in good soil and you’ll get a healthy, vibrant, and beautiful flower that will last for generations. It requires work, it requires time, and it requires a commitment. Let’s flourish.

How will you thrive?

That’s what we’re here to find out. Not every person needs the same program to thrive. Just as lavender prefers sandy soil while hydrangeas prefer a dark, rich soil for strong roots, we all have different needs. Schedule your 15 minute 1:1 session below and let’s get started!

1:1 programming

This gives you exclusive 1:1 calls with me to discover limiting beliefs and the road-map to success to overcome those challenges and live Life by Design. 

We will work together to figure out what’s best for your goals, current starting point, schedule, and needs.  Your road-map is completely designed with your ideal life in mind!

These sessions are available for nutrition coaching, fitness coaching, life or performance coaching, or even combination packages.  

**All 1:1 coaching programs also receive ALL the benefits and perks of the group program!

Group Programming

Group programming provides a supportive community with like-minded women working towards big dreams in an environment that will inspire you to show up and step into your potential.  

Our weekly coaching calls include 1:1 Hot Seat Coaching to have your questions answered and the chance to dig deeper into your specific struggles to get the answers you really need. 

The nutrition and fitness programs are self-paced with daily accountability check-ins and my specific tactics to reject the all or nothing mentality, so you eliminate the feelings of being overwhelmed and self-sabotage. 

I will also teach you my exact blueprint to self-motivation so you eliminate the feelings of being overwhelmed and self-sabotage so you never have to say “I’ll get back on track tomorrow” again.  

Shared Resources

Everyone gains access to our expanding resource library to help you document your growth.
Current resources include:

  • Weekly meal plans and grocery lists
  • Recipe of the week and monthly recipe booklet
  • 75 Healthy Recipes for Kids booklet
  • Monthly Wellness Booklet
  • Meal planners
  • Personal Growth journal
  • Workout videos
leafless trees on green grass field during daytime

*1 free 1:1 session per client per calendar year