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Are you ready to flourish?

There’s a few steps to getting this done.  First up, the full Life By Design package may not be for you.  We may decide that you may need to go a different way.

Get started by reading on.  See what the Life By Design experience is meant to do, and then head over to the Flourish Project.  Because to live your life by design, you’ve got to have strong roots and a good foundation to start with.

We’ll have a short chat to decide how to best work for you, and where we need to go.  Here for group fitness only?  Head down to the bottom of the page to book a MAYhem class.

Live your life by Design

We all want to live life intentionally and achieve our goals.  Sometimes we have trouble identifying those goals and we just move through life, day to day, minute to minute.  What if you had the tools to identify your goals, stick to those goals, and exceed them?  How would your life look then?

The flourish project

Every growth story has to start with strong roots. Not every story is the same.  The Flourish Project is here to help identify just how you need to grow.  Whether its the full Life By Design program with 1:1 coaching, fitness, and nutrition, or maybe it needs to be more group-based.  We’ll go through a quick 1:1 session to find out just how you can grow.

Life By Design

1:1 Life Coaching. Business Coaching. Nutrition designed around you. Group and single fitness programs. Creating the habits and behaviors to define you and life your life by your design, not by the design of those around you.  Can’t commit to a full package?  Join the Flourish Project to get the same benefits in a group setting.

Join us for a litte MAYhem

Your group fitness class to start the day

20 to 30 minutes.  And you’re on your way.  All-around training, HIIT, step aerobics, strength training.  

All Virtual

All done from your own home. Don’t have a step or equipment? That’s fine, I’ll show you how to participate from anywhere with modifications!

Check out our resource library for recipes, health and habit trackers, and more!