Local Links

These are links to local resources or some of our local favorites.

Hyper Local Weather (Tempest)

Link to personal weather station. This can also be found on Weather Underground with station ID KVAABING29. If you want to own a PWS, I highly recommend the Tempest system as its forecast for the next 3-4 days is usually spot on for our location (beats our local weather forecaster every time)

Wolf Hills Brewing (Abingdon, VA)

One of my favorite places to grab a quick pint in the afternoon. They feature local artists and live music (well…pre-COVID).

Sugar Hill Brewing (St. Paul, VA)

Another ‘local’ favorite. It’s a bit further out in the coal fields, but the beer is well worth it, and the drive in the fall can’t be beat. Their menu also features locally sourced beef, and if you dine for lunch be sure to try the chicken smack wrap (or bring me one by at work).

The Peppermill (Abingdon, VA)

For great food this place can’t be beat. My personal favorite, especially in the summer, is their steak and cheese with gouda, on the front porch, with a beer. Visitors that have been to Charleston, SC might recognize some of the menu inspirations.

620 State (Bristol, TN)

Another foodie favorite, you can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu here. The tuna tower is one of our favorites, and you’ll never leave hungry.

Virginia Creeper Trail (Abingdon,VA)

A fall favorite, or anytime favorite, this is an old railroad converted into a local trail. You can rent shuttles from either Abingdon or Damascus for drop-off at several locations. From personal experience its easy coming down from Whitetop to Damascus, but that last few miles from Damascus to Abingdon is a loooong way with a slight uphill grade. I’m also lazy. Don’t judge.