2023 Fireworks Show

So mortars were added this year…that was fun.  Epic show, epic year.

2023 (Royal Acres)

One last tribute to a place that created so many memories. Ryoal Acres, so long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodbye.

2022 Fireworks Show

Check out our show for 2022; little bit of rain at the end sorta gave some urgency, but still fun. 

2019 (West Virginia)

Our 2019 show in West Virginia. It went a little goofy when the song list died mid-show…but thanks to some creative editing and keeping on time in the show it all worked out for the edit. Another trend in the playlist…songs are mostly from the Piano Guys with selection heavily influenced by Trolls (thanks to a couple of at the time 4 year olds).

2018 (Gallatin, TN)

Our first recorded show, this had some of our family favorite songs in the playlist. Don’t mind my southern twang or the running commentary…enjoy the show. You’ll hear songs from Mannheim Steamroller and the Piano Guys.