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Raspberry Pi

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Getting started with Raspberry Pi

This article details the initial set up of a Raspberry Pi. A headless install is performed, with instructions for optional boot from USB.

Set up a network ad blocker

Install either Pi-Hole or AdGuard to filter out annoying and potentially malicious ads on your entire home network.


Node-RED Installation and initial setup

This post will walk you through the installation and initial setup of Node-RED on a Raspberry Pi.

How to send the grocery list based on location

Details the sequence to send a grocery list when you arrive at the store.

How to send customized weather alerts

This sequence allows you to send weather alerts to a device and Alexa. You can customize the alert priority as well as when it is spoken through Alexa devices.


Improve the security and performance of your home network

This post will introduce some basic steps to improve the security and performance of your home network.

An overview on creating and using VLANs

This post introduces the basics of VLAN routing. It provides a high level overview of VLAN creation and firewall rules.

How to set a static IP address

This post explains the basics of setting a static IP address and why you would need to use static addresses.

Creating your own CAT5/CAT6 cables

Learn how to create your own ethernet cables.

Home Automation

How to set up a home media server using Plex

Set up a Plex home media server and learn how to add your DVD and Blu-Ray discs to a network attached storage device to play anywhere, anytime.

How to DVR Live TV with a Plex Media Server

If you have the equipment to run a Plex media server, you can probably air and record Live TV with your server.

A Primer in Home Automation

This post provides an intro to home automation and details my setup and how it simplifies life.

Smart Home Tablets

Set up and design a wall mounted (or not…) interface for your smart home.

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