Community Guidelines

This is a civilized place for discussion

Treat these group discussions the same way you would a public place. We’re here to share skills, knowledge, experiences, and ideas through ongoing conversation. In other words – be nice.

Before you post, ask yourself how it would look if your post ended up as the topic of discussion on the 6:00 news. You hope it will be a good look but based on past history the posts that go viral are not usually flattering.

Improve the Discussion

If you’re going to contribute to the discourse, improve the discussion (even if it is a small improvement). The groups and discussions matter to us, and to the original poster, so they should matter to you, too. After all, you took the time to read and join the group, so they must hold some importance to you as well.

Before replying, check the group activity to see what is going on, what has been discussed, and what has been decided (if anything). It’s always better to think before you speak (or type, as the case may be…)

Be agreeable, even when you disagree

We’re not on social media here. Don’t be a troll. We’ve got human moderators and admins that can spot those trolls, and they will be evicted. It is fine to disagree with the idea, but don’t get personal. In particular, the following are dangerous paths to becoming a troll:

Name calling (actually, this will get you banned pretty quickly)
Knee-jerk contradictions (think before you speak…)
Personal attacks
Disparagement of others
Excessive profanity
Responding to the post’s tone, not the content

Think about your tone

You might want to reply in all caps…but just don’t. You’re just inviting a moderator to pay more attention.

Media Uploads

Need to upload a picture? Keep it under 2MB. You can’t upload videos, but you can include links. Remember, links must follow our Terms and Conditions and cannot link to inappropriate or illegal material.

The legal stuff

And just remember, everything in here is bound by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You agreed to them when you joined. You’re not going to post sexually explicit material, property/content that isn’t yours, or anything else that may break the law. Seriously, don’t.