Hubitat Community Forum

Probably one of the most active and supportive communities I’ve ran across when it comes to home automation. Not that I’m biased (seriously, their hub for the price IMO is best in class).

Node Red

For those that are looking to go a little further down the automation rabbit hole, Node Red is a fairly easy to use visual editor for programming flows. It does require some hardware to run and a decent knowledge of basic networking, but for an advanced beginner it’s a logical next step to full home automation.

Raspberry Pi Community

These things are seriously undervalued for the things you can do. Starting at around $40 you get a credit card -sized computer. I’ve got one running this website. The other one is running a network ad-blocker and DNS server and Node-Red to run my automations


Everything Pi. You’ll find tutorials on just about anything you could want to start out with on a Pi here.

PC Mag

This is a good site for info on some of the newer tech products out there. It’s written for the consumer, so you’re not going to be overwhelmed with overly technical info. I don’t use it much anymore, since I’m moved on to the Unifi product line, and its a little beyond consumer grade equipment

Howard Piano Industries

Source for piano parts and supplies. They also have YouTube channel, online blog, and forum for piano tuning guides, tips, and tricks.

Seriously…watch their music videos. They’re just awesome.

Bluegreen Vacations

Bluegreen Vacations is a time share company that has over 60 resorts scattered across the US. Not going to lie…we thought it was scam to start with, but since purchasing points several years ago we’ve visited locations in a half dozen locations across the Eastern US, and plan on visiting more. Also not going to lie…points are not cheap. If you only travel once or twice a year and only spend a few nights away…this isn’t for you. If you love to travel and like to make frequent weekend getaways…the price usually comes out in your favor to go with a time share. I’m also not going to be shy…if you purchase points drop our name. We get a cut on the maintenance fees if you do (and for any person you refer that gets points you will too)

Three20s Condos

Vacation rental condos in the Gulf Shores area. Featured on HGTV, and owned by family.

Ocracoke Island Realty

Prior to our time share we spent our one and only vacation week on Ocracoke Island, NC. It is still our favorite family vacation spot. If you like seclusion and a quiet beach, this is the place.

In the Swim

Discount pool supplies and parts.

The Schleichers (family spreadsheet)

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Restricted Links

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