• NEW: File sharing added. Securely share files with other site users. To access, go to your profile and the Files tab.
  • UPDATED: Updated branding for MTB
  • UPDATED: PHP updated to 8.2
  • UPDATED: Cookie policy reviewed and updated
  • UPDATED: Notifications reviewed and updated accordingly


  • SECURITY UPDATE (social.themays): Mastodon updated to 4.1.6
  • UPDATED: Amelia booking updated to version 6.5. Full changelog at
  • UPDATED: Various backend site changes and visual alignments


  • SECURITY UPDATE (social.themays): Mastodon updated to 4.1.3 to fix several security vulnerabilities. Please note that at the moment, due to the update, image uploading is not supported until a fix can be rolled out.
  • UPDATED: Amelia booking updated to version 6.4 with a redesigned event booking flow and look. Full changelog at


  • UPDATED: Major backend updates and changes to the Apache server to fix non-working cron jobs and issues with the WordPress REST API (migrated entire directory and rewrote Apache virtual host on the reverse proxy)
  • FIXED: Non-working CDC adult vaccine assessment links
  • FIXED: E-poll adding a PHP session that never closed


  • UPDATED: Database optimization and cleanup. Users may need to reset 2FA if they cannot log in.
  • FIXED: Cron jobs still not working; moved to server-side cron jobs. Automated sends are now working again.
  • REMOVED: Chatbot and realtime chat to reduce plugin load. Redundant with messaging and support.


  • SECURITY UPDATE: Social@themays updated to 4.1.2 to fix a login security vulnerability.
  • UPDATED: Amelia WP Booking updated. Minor bugfixes and updates, for full changelog see Version updated from 5.6 to 6.2.
  • UPDATED: Minor updates to site notifications
  • FIXED: Cron jobs fixed after server restoration (cron jobs were not active, meaning no scheduled notification sends were occuring)


  • UPDATED: Various user management menus and backend improvements
  • UPDATED: Site appearance fixes
  • UPDATED: Site notifications aligned and enhanced


  • NEW: Some top-level menu links are “unclickable”; that is, menu organization for subpages displays in a drop-down. Previous behavior in the menu had clickable links to all menu items
  • UPDATED: Navigation and page menus
  • UPDATED: Front page redesign
  • UPDATED: Various links and buttons across the site to align with global styleset


  • UPDATED: FAQ links and descriptions updated
  • UPDATED: Firewall rules updated
  • FIXED: Accordion menus in FAQ duplicating across headings



  • NEW: Instant chat for support. Need help? Tap the chat icon in the lower left corner. If online we’ll do our best to get to you as quick as possible. Otherwise we’ll contact you via email when we’ve got a moment. Remember…this is a side hobby.
  • NEW: Chatbots powered by Tidio. Working to answer and help with the more common questions.
  • UPDATED: Contact form updated to reflect availability of chat-based support tickets.


  • NEW: Members only pages added.
  • UPDATED: Menu link updates
  • UPDATED: Firewall rules updated


  • NEW: Membership subscriptions added for MTB
  • NEW: User verification. Request verification to show you are an actual human (bots suck). To request verification, go to your user profile page and click the “Request Verification” button below your profile banner. A member of site admin will review the request. Verified users will have a check beside their name.
  • NEW: Followers. Follow site users just like major social media platforms and receive notifications when followed users have posted in groups or on the site.
  • NEW: Online users. Users that are currently online will have a green circle beside their messaging name and on their profile page.
  • NEW: Activity streams. View activity on your posts and comments, as well as your activity (following, etc.) on your profile page.
  • SECURITY UPDATE: 2FA enforcement will continue for admins. For all other users 2FA is encouraged, but not currently required.33
  • SECURITY UPDATE: By default, all member messaging will only be activated for users with verified accounts. To request account verification, under your user profile page, click “Request Verification”.
  • UPDATED: Header menu navigation links reworked
  • UPDATED: Downloads migrated to GetPaid plugin. All downloads will require creation of an account and can be viewed under the user profile page.
  • UPDATED: Deprecated plugins removed
  • UPDATED: Deprecated pages removed and redirects added
  • UPDATED: Page rework for MTB.


  • SECURITY UPDATE: 2FA has been fixed and enabled. Administrator-level roles are required to set up 2FA within 7 days. For all other user roles, 2FA enforcement will begin on 12/1/22.


  • UPDATED: Booking platform limits appointments/events per email address. Minor bugfixes and updates, for full changelog see Version updated from 5.4 to 5.6.


  • NEW: Persistent object caching (server upgrade). Should improve page load times and site behavior.
  • SECURITY UPDATE: Firewall rules and server access rules updated.
  • SECURITY UPDATE: Lockout rules updated. Users have a max of 3 login attempts prior to account lockout. Accounts are locked out for 5 minutes; subsequent failed login attempts triple the lockout time.
  • SECURITY UPDATE: Attempts to login with specific usernames will result in instantaneous permanent lockout of that IP address.
  • SECURITY UPDATE: User sessions are limited to 60 minutes, after which you will have to log in again.
  • NOTICE: 2FA issues have been isolated and are actively being worked. 2FA requirements expected to be reinstated once the issue has been resolved.
  • UPDATED: ‘/frequently-used-links/’ updated to ‘/resources/’ and ‘/get-in-touch/’ changed to ‘/contact-us/. Redirection added.
  • UPDATED: Contact form behavior updated based on use patterns and user behavior
  • FIXED: Missing links in resources page.


  • UPDATED: Page redesign for quick links.


  • UPDATED: Minor updates to links and page navigation.
  • UPDATED: Minor maintenance to database and page caching.


  • NEW: Admin and Family admin links added to a new page. Must be logged in, a family admin or administrator, and either on local network or VPN to access through your profile menu links.
  • UPDATED: Removal of VPN/restricted links from general site.
  • UPDATED: Various bugfixes to booking platform. For the full changelog, visit the developer site at Version updated from 5.4 to 5.4.2.


  • SECURITY UPDATE: Domain restrictions added for new user signups. This is to reduce spam accounts using disposable email addresses. If you feel you have been blocked in error, email [email protected].
  • SECURITY UPDATE: due to continued issues with 2FA, 2FA authentication is still disabled temporarily. Once fixed, an update will be posted to this page.
  • NEW: WhatsApp Integration. Booked appointments and events now integrate with WhatsApp. Users with a WhatsApp account will now receive reminder notifications through the app in addition to reminder emails and calendar invites.
  • NOTICE: Deprecated posts removed (Cutting the Cable due to plugin incompatibility)
  • UPDATED: Minor updates to menu links
  • UPDATED: Synology FAQ updated
  • UPDATED: Various feature updates and fixes to the booking platform. For the full changelog, visit the developer site at Version updated from 5.2 to 5.4.


  • NEW: Added realtime notifications for messages, group access, comments, and posts. You can manage notification settings from your account profile dashboard
  • NEW: Instant Messaging. Now you can message site users directly while logged in! Search site users from the pop-up box on the bottom right of any page to message them. Manage who can message you from your account profile dashboard, as well as the location of the user display sidebar
  • NEW: Create an account with LinkedIn. Once created with LinkedIn you will be able to login with your LinkedIn account.
  • UPDATED: Login menu now has a dropdown to create an account
  • UPDATED: Privacy Policy updated to reflect LinkedIn social login
  • UPDATED: Comments opened for indefinite period on posts


  • NEW: Groups. Admins and content creators can create and manage groups. Users can post and comment in groups just like most social media platforms. Note that you must have an account and be logged in to view and join groups. Groups can be public (anyone can join), private (can be seen, but must request entry), or hidden (not visible on the groups page unless added by an admin)
  • NEW: Footer links added
  • SECURITY UPDATE: 2FA has been temporarily disabled. A recent plugin update has changed the login behavior; while it still works, the login may “hang” which may be confusing when trying to log in.
  • UPDATED: Minor changes to profile tabs
  • FIXED: Links to Synology content

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