• NEW: Added realtime notifications for messages, group access, comments, and posts. You can manage notification settings from your account profile dashboard
  • NEW: Instant Messaging. Now you can message site users directly while logged in! Search site users from the pop-up box on the bottom right of any page to message them. Manage who can message you from your account profile dashboard, as well as the location of the user display sidebar
  • NEW: Create an account with LinkedIn. Once created with LinkedIn you will be able to login with your LinkedIn account.
  • UPDATED: Login menu now has a dropdown to create an account
  • UPDATED: Privacy Policy updated to reflect LinkedIn social login
  • UPDATED: Comments opened for indefinite period on posts


  • NEW: Groups. Admins and content creators can create and manage groups. Users can post and comment in groups just like most social media platforms. Note that you must have an account and be logged in to view and join groups. Groups can be public (anyone can join), private (can be seen, but must request entry), or hidden (not visible on the groups page unless added by an admin)
  • NEW: Footer links added
  • NOTICE: 2FA has been temporarily disabled. A recent plugin update has changed the login behavior; while it still works, the login may “hang” which may be confusing when trying to log in.
  • UPDATED: Minor changes to profile tabs
  • FIXED: Links to Synology content

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