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Event and Appointment Booking

General Booking Questions

How do I book a class for MTB MAYhem?

To book a MAYhem class, either visit the  MTB Home Page and click the MAYhem badge or scroll to the bottom of the page. Click “Find Classes” link or visit the page  here. Alternatively, you can use the search calendar to find classes on specific dates.

You can choose one of the 3 items on the page. Either a beginner bundle of 3 classes, a trainers bundle of 10 classes, or a single class. In each case you will select one or more classes to attend during booking.

Do I have to book all my classes in a package at one time?

No! If you are booking a package with multiple classes/services you will only be required to book one date and time at the time of booking. After booking, you can manage your additional time slots from your events and classes page. To access, make sure you have activated your account and logged in. Under the account drop-down menu click on “My Classes and Events”. From here you can see all your booked items, as well as your virtual links. You will also be able to select and book any remaining classes in your packages.

What if I can’t make my appointment?

You can reschedule via your customer dashboard up until 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you are within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment, please reach out to [email protected] for any MTB LBD appointments, or [email protected] for tuning or home IT consults. We can reschedule or offer a credit if the situation warrants it in accordance with our terms and conditions.

You can reschedule from your customer dashboard by finding the appointment and clicking the small edit button in the upper-right of the appointment block.

For LTB ON-DEMAND you have a little more leeway in rescheduling; these are by design meant to be spur-of-the-moment for those life problems that pop up, so we get that things change.  For 15 minute sessions you can reschedule as little as 3 hours in advance.  For 30 minutes its 6 hours, and for hour sessions it is 12 hours.  

How do I get my Zoom link?

After booking you will receive a series of e-mails inviting you to activate your account and confirming your order. If you have not purchased a package, these emails will contain your join link. If you purchased a package, your join links are visible on your classes and events manager in the account drop-down menu.

If you did not receive any links in your email, be sure to check the spam folder.  If you still have not received any emails, please reach out to [email protected] to let us know; any scheduled appointments and events are always visible in your user profile (under the account drop-down menu) in the “Appointments and Events” tab.

I booked multiple Zoom sesions, where are the links?

Links to multiple sessions or classes are not sent via e-mail.  You may receive links via calendar invite, however, the best place to find your links is in the customer dashboard in your profile drop-down menu under classes and appointments.

I scheduled a recurring appointment, can I move it?

Yes!  When booking you are required to set a recurring frequency; however, if you need to move a specific date you can do so under your dashboard.  FInd the specific date you need to move and hit the edit option (in the upper right of the session box) to select a new date and/or time.

How do I reschedule an appointment?

To reschedule you must be logged in to your account. Start by accessing your user profile page from the account drop-down menu.

user profile access

Next, click the “Appointments and Events” in your user tabs.

user tabs

Finally, access the appointment editor.  You see this on the right-hand side of the appointment you want to manage.  Hit “Reschedule”.

appointment manager

A new lightbox will open, in which you will be able to select a new available date and time. Once complete, hit “Confirm” to reschedule the appointment. You will receive an updated Google calendar invite sent to the e-mail address associated with your username. If not received, check your spam folder and be sure to whitelist emails from this site.

I’m having issues with the booking form and cannot book, now what?

The updated booking form may not render correctly on certain mobile devices (iPhone mini has been confirmed). Booking pages have a link to an iPhone-compatible legacy scheduler that works around the issue. Visit the booking page to access the link to that specific legacy scheduler.

If you are still having issues, please contact us and we’ll resolve the problem.


What payments are accepted?

We accept payment via Stripe or Paypal.

I missed a class or an appointment, can I get a refund?

We do not refund payment for missed classes or appointments per our Terms and Conditions.  Simply put, this is a lifestyle coaching and development process.  That being said, life happens.  If you are unable to make a class or an appointment and cannot reschedule or have already missed it due to a life event, reach out to us at [email protected].

Subscription Management

How do I cancel a recurring subscription?

To cancel a recurring subscription either follow the link in the renewal notice email or cancel through your profile. To cancel on the website, log in and go to your profile.  Note that PayPal subscriptions require two steps: cancelation on the website and cancelation on Paypal (for this reason we recommend Stripe for subscriptions).

menu bar

Next, navigate to your profile.

profile link

Once in your profile, navigate to your subscriptions tab.

profile tabs

Your active subscriptions will be listed; hover over the subscription you wish to manage and hit “Manage Subscription to open the subscription options. On the subscription details screen click “Cancel Subscription” to cancel all future recurring payments.  You will receive a confirmation email once complete.

subscription list
subscription details

Once the subscription is cancelled on the website you must also go to your PayPal dashboard (if using PayPal) and also cancel the subscription on PayPal. For security reasons, PayPal integrations do not allow cancelling of subscriptions through the website. Failure to cancel the subscription on PayPal will result in additional charges until you log in and cancel the subscription on your PayPal dashboard.

Questions?  Contact us and we’ll be in touch.

Mastodon Social Media Server

General Questions

What is Mastodon?

Simply put Mastodon is an open-source social media platform. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, Mastodon’s code is open source (i.e., anyone can look at it), free to use, and only subject to the rules of the hosting provider. It functions almost exactly like Twitter, but instead of being subject to the rules and policies of a large corporation, Mastodon “instances” are hosted and governed by each the company or individual hosting that particular instance. For a more detailed explanation, see this post.

There are thousands of Mastodon instances available in the “federated” network, but only those instances which abide by the rules and policies set by Mastodon are listed publicly.  Other instances (ours, for example) are not listed publicly and function as standalone instances.

Can I change the panel view?

You have 2 view options for the panel view. The legacy view, and the advanced view. To change your view options, open the preferences or settings menu and open the “Preferences” tab.

mastodon legacy view

Legacy view is a more “Twitter”-like style, with the main feed and your status block.  Changing to the advanced view adds an additional notification panel that displays trending and direct messages.

How can I join?

Head over to our Mastodon server (or paste https://social.themays.me in your browser bar) and hit “Sign Up”.  Provide some basic information and why you want to sign up (optional) and submit the form.  Two steps must happen.  First, you will receive an account verification email.  You must confirm your email to access the server.  Second, your account will be held for approval.  Like Facebook groups, Mastodon accounts are manually approved.  This improves security of the platform and also allows admins to have more control over the type of users on each server.  Once your account is approved you’ll get another email notification.  

Does it have a mobile app?

Yep!  One of the reasons I went with this route is that Mastodon publishes a mobile app for iOS and Android.  Simply search “Mastodon” in your app store and install.  You can sign in of course with the same log in credentials you use for the web interface.

Anything I should know about posting?

Posts (or “toots”) follow the same rules as Twitter and must be 500 characters or less, media uploads must be 2MB or less, and “toots” should follow the community guidelines. You can, like Twitter, mention users by their handles. You can search users by their display name or username (i.e., for me it is @[email protected]). 

Note that you cannot upload videos; you can, however, upload video links and they will display as a thumbnail that can be played in the web interface.

How about seeing other members’ posts?

Like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you will have to follow and be followed to see and interact with other posts.  Once you follow other members, your feed will start populating.

Admin Functions

How do I access the Admin dashboard?

Admins and moderators have expanded roles and additional dashboard resources.  To access your dashboard, log in to the web interface and hit the gear icon in the first panel.

mastodon settings
What is the difference in a moderator and an admin?

Simply put, access.  The server owner has blanket access to anything and everything, admins have access to more capabilities than moderators, and moderators have more capabilities than general users.


  • Can invite new users
  • Can view the server dashboard
  • Can manage other users, including access roles (below their role), moderation actions, and deletions
  • Can block users, IP address, and email domains
  • Can manage invite links and hashtag settings
  • Can manage announcements
  • Can disable other users’ 2FA, change their e-mail address, and reset their password
  • Can manage appeals against moderation actions


  • Can invite new users
  • Can view the server dashboard
  • Can manage other users, including access roles (below their role), and perform moderation actions

General User

  • Can view their own dashboard
  • Can appeal moderation actions against their profile
How do I approve a new user?

Start by accessing the server dashboard. From the menu, click the “Administration” tab and then the “Pending Users” link.  You’ll also get an email with a direct link to approve the request.

mastodon admin dashboard
mastodon user approval

You can also access from the dashboard menu by selection Moderation→Accounts.  Accounts pending approval will show in the list view.  To approve, check the box next to accounts waiting for approval and hit “Approve”.  If you want to view more information about those accounts, you may click on the account name to view details about the request.  You’ll be able to approve the account directly from the profile page.

How to action reports and moderation requests

Users can report other users for rule violations, spamming, being a general nuisance, etc.  Admin and moderator accounts will receive an email if a post or user has been reported and will need to take action on the report.

mastodon moderation panel

Following the link in the email or accessing from the moderation tab in the settings menu will open the resolution page.  This page provides details about the report, who initiated the report and why, and available actions.  Additionally, you will be able to see additional notes about the profile that has been reported, as well as previous strikes (reports).  From here you can choose to assign the report to another moderator, mark as resolved (without taking any action and removing the strike), suspend the account, limit the account, or ban the account.


General account notes and password changes

Currently the booking system and the site user management are “sorta” linked.  Changes made to your  account page will propagate through the site and booking management.  Please do not  change your password on the booking management page (where you can view your classes/appointments) as the information entered here does not propagate to the site user management system.  

My account is locked, now what?

Hit the chat option at the bottom of the page and start the FAQ chatbot if available; select account and the locked account option to notify site admins. Please make sure that you enable and set up your 2FA within 7 days of registration or account unlocking to avoid future lockouts. You can activate and set up 2FA under your account dashboard.

If the chatbot is not available, either send a message via chat and a site admin will be in touch, or fill out the contact us form under “Account Lockouts”.

How do I manage my notifications?

To manage your notifications you should go to your account menu.  From your account details, you have two options: general notifications and real-time notifications.  The general notifications option disables the email notification for any chat messages that come through on the site.  Generally, if you receive a new message on the site and have not viewed or responded to it within 1 hour you will receive an automated email notifying you of a new message.

Additionally, you can tailor your real-time notifications. Real-time notifications appear for a variety of events, including friend requests, post activity, group activity, and site messaging. You can disable most of these from the real-time notifications menu.

You can also view all your previous notifications under your profile. To see all recent notifications, visit your profile and click the notifications tab (note that this tab will not be visible until you have received at least one notification). You can dismiss or remove notifications from here.  Alternatively, you can view all your notifications by clicking the notification icon in the upper menu bar and then clicking the “View All” button to go directly to the notifications page.

Can I restrict who can message me?

To restrict messaging visit your account page and then the messaging menu. By default, any site user can message you. However, you can change this to friends only or nobody. By setting it to nobody you can send messages, but you cannot receive new messages.

Can I modify the messaging bar?

To an extent you can hide the messaging bar.  By default, the messaging bar will show on all pages, but you can restrict it to only your user pages (account, profile, etc.).  You can also disable the messaging bar completely.  You will only be able to message friends and other users directly from the user page or your friends tab.

Can I change what’s displayed on my public profile?

To change your public profile information sign in and visit your account page. Hit the “Privacy” option. From here you can set a few things. First you can choose to display your birthday, mobile number, and gender in your public profile. The default for these is no. Additionally, you can set who can view your friends and the groups you are subscribed to. Lastly, if privacy is your primary concern, you can completely hide your profile from the users page. Note that only logged in users can view the user listing.


How do I set up 2FA?

Once you have created your account, head over to your account settings page.

Front page menu bar

Once in the account settings page, find the WP-2FA link.

Account page menu

Hit “Configure 2FA” and select your method of authentication.  You can select from 3 different methods: an authenticator app (best choice), a one-time code through email, and a link sent through email.  We recommend using an authenticator app, as it is the most secure method.  Follow the link in the setup screen for more information on setting up an authenticator app of your choice.  We use Synology Secure Sign-in, but any major app (MS Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Authy, etc.) will work.

2FA setup
My 2FA is not working, or it says my code is invalid, now what?

In some cases, plugin updates invalidate the authenticator codes that make the 2FA work. First up, if you are able to log in, follow the instruction sin the “How do I set up 2FA?” topic to set up your authenticator app again.

If you are unable to login using, first make sure your account isn’t locked. If you are getting a notification your account is locked, hit the chat option, open the chatbot, and select the Account→My account is locked option.  Fill out your username and a site admin will unlock your account.  You’ll get an email once that happens.

Lastly, if you are unable to login, but your account is not locked, you may need to use a backup option for 2FA.  You’ll need to visit this login page (not the lightbox) and use a backup method to login.  Once login, follow the directions for initial setup.


How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, log in to Synology DSM and hit “Forgot Password” or e-mail [email protected].  You will receive an email with a temporary password within 24 hours.

Are my chat messages private?

Your private messages cannot be seen by members you have not added to the channel.  However, all chat conversations (except for encrypted conversations) can be seen by site admin.

Can I share links externally?

No, this has been disabled.  You can, however, share links internally with other members.

General Questions

When I log in I have to complete a Google Recaptcha challenge and the login screen says an error has occured. Now what?

Just hit the login button again (don’t refill your information).  The form stores the successful recaptcha and allows submission once the recaptcha has completed.

My browser is giving me a warning that this site may be trying to steal my personal information, what’s up?

This is usually due to an issue with the SSL certificate (the encryption that allows the padlock in browser address bars). Most commonly this will appear if the SSL certificate has expired or if your browser has cached the site and the SSL certificate has been renewed recently. Most often the SSL certificate will be renewed further in advance than most browser cache periods, but in the event you get this warning first try to clear your browser’s cache (settings>privacy>clear browsing data). Most of the time that will solve the problem. We do use several layers of security, including Cloudflare proxy services, as well as multiple firewalls to safeguard your (and our) data. No payment information is stored on the site; all payment info is handled by third party services such as Stripe or Paypal with bank level encryption.

How do I get my digital downloads?

Your digital downloads can be found on your profile menu under the download tab. You will need an account to access and download most resources; most items rotate throughout the year, but you will, unless it is a time-limited item, have access to these through your download library indefinitely. An account was automatically created for you when you selected a downloadable item; if you have lost your account details, please visit Contact Us with the subject “Account Access”. A member of the site admin will be in touch with your login details.