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When I say I went down the rabbit hole…I really went down the rabbit hole. Not sure I’ve made it back out yet. So what’s up with this site? Why in the h*LL would I spend nearly 4 months driving myself absolutely nuts to get a website up and running? Pretty sure it’s simply because I can. And once I started it really got onto my nerves that once I did get started…I crashed it like 15 times. There is a distinct possibility I’m gonna crash it again (and I really hope I’ve figured out how to back it up right at this point. I guess on the positive side I think I’ve got it to the point I know enough about Debian, Apache2, PHP, and MariaDB10 to bring it back up without wiping and restoring the RaspberryPi I’m running this server on. We’ll see.

So what will be on here?

Well…we’re fairly active. So it’s hard to tell. I’m fond of brain dumping, if only because at this point if I don’t write it down somewhere…I’ll never remember how to repeat whatever it is I did. Likewise, there are definitely days in the pharmacy that my sarcasm just needs an out. As much as I would like to tell Granny Snotnose that her trusty herbal remedy is a bunch of complete horse hockey and I cannot advise her to treat her dog’s constipation by shoving a bunch of mineral oil up its rear (for Pete’s sake…I’m a pharmacist…not a vet)…I would like to keep my job and thus have to phrase it in a way that does not do it the justice it so fully deserves.

When I’m not feeling sarcastic…

It’s most likely I’ll be writing out something on our latest project, travel adventure (assuming 2020 ever ends…sorta nervous about 2021 frankly), or Brit may even chime in with a nutrition or fitness article. I may actually get this site working enough to get her one going, eventually. All that tech stuff up top (Apache2, Debian, etc.)? I’ll be dumping it on here. Believe it or not I have something like 15 different places in my favorites menu just dedicated to getting WordPress up and running on a RaspberryPi. It’s annoying. I’m gonna consolidate that. From start to finish. Same with home automation and running a Plex media server (gotta do something with all 500 videos we’ve accumulated).

So, stick around, and if you’re curious click the follow link. At the very least I may pull out a pharmacy phunny every once in a while.

Author: Zack

Pharmacist, tech guy, pianist, lover of beer, gamer, beach bum. Probably missed something. Just assume I'm into a little bit of everything.

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